Monday, November 03, 2008

First Things First: Extra Guidelines for Auto Auctions

"Luxury cars for under $1,000. How? purchase all these for literally pennies on the dollar!. Our government is practically giving these luxury goods away."

Auto auctions is somewhat to be a good event to bought your dream car at a minimal cost. The ads are enticing, whether you can spot them in local newspapers, view them in an infomercial or come across them on the Internet. And, for many people who are looking to drive home a car, advertised auctions appeal to their desire to avoid price negotiations or h shopping among dealerships.

Before responding to an ad promising the inside scoop to government auctions for automobiles or any other property, the Better Business Bureau advises consumers to:
  • Check with the federal government first.
  • Look for information about upcoming sales in the classified or business sections of national or local newspapers or in notices at post offices, town halls and other local and federal government buildings.
If you do decide to purchase your next vehicle at a government seized car auction, the BBB advises the following:
  • Stories about exotic cars sold for little or nothing are pure fiction! As the U.S. General Services Administration advises: "There are no giveaways…GSA expects to receive a fair market price, and every item has an undisclosed minimum price."
  • The cars are not new and their condition may vary.
  • The government does not provide any form of financing. Check with the government agency beforehand for acceptable forms of payment.
  • There are no guarantees. The federal government does not guarantee the condition of its sale items, and is not responsible for any problems that may be identified after the sale.
Become familiar with the common types of auction sales (sealed bid, auction, spot bid and fixed-price sales). Are you pumped up to join in a government seized car. Just don’t forget some guidelines to have a successful deal. Goodluck!

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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Cheap Used Cars In Good Working Condition

Need a usable car at a low price? Cheap used car auctions are what you’re looking for. They are held regularly at designated places and it’s not hard to find them. All you need to do is to ask your local government or community organizers about it.

What cheap used car auctions do is to sell cars that are second hand but still in good condition, at very reasonable prices. Sometimes these used cars surprise the buyers with their great performance. They can even rival the performance of newer cars sometimes.

If you’re planning to buy a car from an auction, there are some things you should know. Firstly, where do these cars come from? Most of the cars at these auctions are seized or repossessed. This means that governments or banks have seized them from people who have defaulted in paying them back or have committed nefarious criminal activities.

You can any day get a better deal on a used car that is as good as new at an auction than what you would get from the car dealers. So, many people these days turn to cheap used car auction for buying an almost new car at the considerably lower price than he would get anywhere else. Also, you may be surprised to know that there are several car dealers who buy repossessed cars from these auctions and sell them at a higher price independently.
So don’t be surprised to find top-of-the line luxury cars in great conditions being sold at these auctions. They will also be sold at a big discount on the market price, so these car auctions really are a golden opportunity to get the car of your dreams.

Manage your finances and plan your expenses before you go to bid at such an auction. They may be sold at a discount, but they are still quite costly. Set a ceiling price or a maximum price that you are willing to pay for the car that interests you and never bid over that ceiling price.

On the actual day of the car auction, make sure you turn up early. It’s said that the early bird gets the worm, so if you want the maximum amount of choice amongst all the cars at the auction, arrive early. It may also be a good idea to take an expert on used cars with you.
Remember, these cars are second hand or repossessed. This means there could easily be some defect with them. Check them thoroughly both from the outside and the inside. Make sure they are spotless and in working order. Make sure the engine still works. Check for the VIN# stickers that should be all around the vehicle to prove that all parts are real and that it’s not put together from part of other cars.

When your bid is finalized, examine the purchase contract meticulously. If everything is clearly and lucidly termed and all seems to be well, then go ahead and put your signature on it. A used car auction can really be a great place to buy a car!


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Car Auctions 101: The Profit

Deciding owning your dream car at low price.

Want to purchase a car at the low price?

Participating in car auctions is one great thing to do if your looking forward to own a car at great price. The event has a wide selection of car class from economical to luxurious one. Keeping you updated with the with the car auction schedules is quite an advantage to know the car list to be auction and you may have the benefit of test drive the cars.

You can drop at the car auctions website just to view a peak of what the auction stored for you. It physical place is on the Alameda County of California. A catalog is provide 2 days before the actual auto auction.

Even there is an online car auction nowadays, physical car auction has it is advantages as well:

Fun Arrangement, Source of great Information, Saves Time and Efforts, Helps in setting up a Budget, Bargain Price.

  • Fun Arrangement

In the sense its is regularly scheduled during the first week and the last week of the every month.

  • Source of Great Information

Has an edge for more information at the auctions you have the benefit of see the car's in and outs; and lucky enough you can test drive it.

  • Saves Time and Effort:

Going online inquiry and fixed schedule is somewhat the advantage of every auction site but at Acauctions you have the advantage to peak what's in store on the event. Giving it 2 days before the actual auction.

  • Problem in Budget:

Participating in a car auction can help you stick with your budget and gives an extent for it to your desired car. Also you have the capabilities to how your budget may not burden you.

  • Bargain Price:

You have the advantage of owning some government seized car. Relatively cars that are auction are usually cars seized by banks, police, agencies, or government, are sold at which are relatively at lower prices.

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